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Avast! Thar she blows! Pitted against one of the most dangerous sea creatures abound in the great blue expanses of the seven seas, you are captain of The Lexington Slick - An independent privateer whaling vessel. You capture whales and butcher them for their meat and oil. It is quite the lucrative business, but the most riskiest and dangerous, but undeniably one filled with adventure and wanderlust second to no other occupation!

Test your wits against The Great White Whale, the mythically vicious beast of the northern gapes. You and your crew have finally caught up to this elusive creature and now close in for the kill! But aye, what cornered animal is not prepared to fight for its survival? Be prepared for death! No guts, no glory, I say, aye.

So, do you have it in you to best the monster and claim its spoils as your own for wealth and fame?

Moby Slick is a turn based strategy game. You control a whaling ship, and your objective is to hunt down The Great White Whale, out live it, or suffer its ferocity. Traverse the frozen parts of the northern ocean, and be sure to seek fish to keep your vessel healthy. At the same time, the whale will be doing to same, trying to find an opportunity to retaliate. Weaken it, and close in for the kill. But don't forget to stay healthy!

This build of Moby Slick was made for the Game Dev League September Game Jam 2016.


MobySlick.exe 2 MB

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